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Solar Flower in Lincoln

What could be more natural than a flower? Or the sun? Solar flowers were created as a smart and attractive option to power your home, without covering your roof in solar panels. Low-maintenance, with plug-and-play installation, a solar flower looks similar to a windmill and gathers energy 40% more efficiently than classic rooftop systems!

Interconnection Systems, Inc. provides solar energy contractor services, from installation, to services and repair to Lincoln home and business owners. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and holding an A+ rating, there’s no better crew to start you on your solar energy journey!

Just give us a call, we’ll find the best location to install your solar flower, and connect it within a few hours!


If we at Interconnection Systems, Inc. had a dollar for every time we received this question from one of our curious customers in the Lincoln area, then we would probably be able to afford to retire right now! But seriously, we get it. With a product as effective and innovative as our solar flower, it makes sense that people’s interest will be piqued. If you think of it like this, what is more natural that a flower or the sun? The answer to this question is very little!

One of the biggest advantages of our solar flower is that it is low-maintenance, but it possesses a high-yield plug and play installation that can revolutionize how your Lincoln home or business receives energy. The windmill-like appearance of our solar flowers has made them a very attractive proposition for residents and business owners alike, and we have found that they gather energy 40% more efficiently than classic rooftop systems.

At Interconnection Systems, Inc, we created the solar flower as a smart and highly effective option that could power your Lincoln home or business without having to cover your roof in solar panels that can be expensive to install.

Smart Flower Certified Technicians

Our technicians at Interconnection Systems, Inc. are smart flower certified. Solar power flowers may look easy to install, and it is true that they take very little time to set up. However, they require heavy duty machinery to place on your property, and an electrical connection to your home or commercial space.

Pursuing any sort of electrical installation on your own not only is dangerous, but you risk an improper installation that doesn’t work or destroys your solar flower. Not to mention, insurance companies aren’t keen on covering amateur jobs gone wrong!

Getting your new solar flower up and running requires the skilled hands of a certified technician. Luckily for Lincoln, Interconnection Systems, Inc. is ready and able!

Do I Need More Than One Flower?

Owners of larger homes or businesses often wonder if they need to purchase multiple flowers. These solar generators are just as efficient as they are attractive. Unlike classic roof-top solar panels, when used together with your regular power grid to reduce energy expense, flower solar panels can easily power most homes and businesses solo.

If you would like to power your property entirely on solar power, we recommend installing multiple flowers, or combining one with other energy generators such as a roof-top solar panels or wind turbines.

Solar Flower Cost

Featuring smart tracking to follow the sun’s rays, smart cleaning, cooling, and safety—not to mention a variety of colors to suit the style of your home or business—it’s hard to believe that solar flowers have taken solar power to such an efficient and stylish new level.

So, what’s it going to cost you to integrate a solar generator onto your property?

Budget for $3.50-$4.00 per kWh, but also prepare to receive tax credits when you install your solar power flower. Flower solar panels are even more efficient than classic panels, making solar flower cost reasonable considering the energy savings and tax credits you will receive.


At Interconnection Systems, we know that people often ask themselves what is so great about solar energy. After all, isn’t it difficult and expensive to install? And what happens during our cloudy and overcast winters? Will there by any electricity to speak of?! Thankfully for people of this mindset, we at Interconnection Systems can say that both of these perceptions are incorrect. Ask any Lincoln homeowner who has invested in a solar flower from us and they will tell you how it was the best decision they ever made.

Apart from the obvious financial benefits that come from investing in solar power, there’s a range of other reasons why you should convert your home or business to the wonders of solar power. After all, scientific research tells us that fossil fuels simply will not last forever. With that in mind, here are three benefits that come from going solar!

  1. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using an advanced piece of solar-powered equipment like a solar flower is that it is great for the environment. Our solar flower is the latest innovation in solar energy— an energy that is renowned for being clean and green! If you are looking to reduce your personal or commercial carbon footprint, then a solar flower from us at Interconnection Systems might be the perfect way to go. So, if you want a source of energy that is great for the environment but is also affordable, then you need to consider the solar flower very closely.
  2. With soaring energy costs and rising prices only going one way, there is ample evidence to suggest that solar energy can reduce the amount of money that your Lincoln home or business spends on its energy bills. By going solar, you are boosting your electricity independence, and this can help protect you against unpredictable increase in utility prices.
  3. Solar power can reduce electricity loss and improve energy efficiency all in one go. Rooftop solar power is helpful in increasing electricity efficiency considering the short distance. What’s more, given short-distances often used in solar energy, the risk of disruption is lessened considerably.

Power Up!

At Interconnection Systems, Inc. we care about making Lincoln homes and businesses more energy efficient. Not only does this help the environment, but it will help you to save money as well.

Solar generators are a great investment for any property that will even raise its value! Give us a call today to receive a free, no-obligation service estimate.