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Solar Farm in Kearney

Everyone knows that the world is becoming a greener and more environmentally friendly place than it was in the past. With the increase in the number of electric cars on our streets to the growth in wind and other renewable energies, it really is fair to say that our world is becoming more and more eco-friendly. This is as true in the deserts of Nevada and the mountains of Colorado as it is right here in Kearney. In fact, although it might not be making front-page news around the world, the fact of the matter is that there are steady strides being made by Interconnection Systems, Inc. and our solar farm in particular is doing this both seamlessly and effectively.

As the premier alternative energy provider in the Kearney and wider Nebraska area, Interconnection Systems, Inc. offers a range of alternatives that work for residents and businesses alike, and our solar farm provides real and tangible solutions for our wide range of clients. Whether you have a small or large project in mind, you can rest assured that Interconnection Systems, Inc. will be able to deliver real results for your home or business.

Why Solar Farms are the Cool New Thing in the United States

While it is true that solar panels on rooftops were once the most visible form of solar energy in the United States, it is now the case that solar panels in sprawling farms built on land in more rural locations of our country are reigning supreme. This boom in the overall solar industry involves this energy being more readily available to homes and businesses in towns just like Kearney, but crucially, in a more eco-friendly fashion.

Recent research shows that approximately 14 gigawatts of solar panels could be installed in the US by the end of 2016, and over 70% of that will come from what they call “utility-scale” solar farms. Larger scale solar farms generate massive amounts of renewable energy using thousands of panels, often piping energy long distances to residents and companies to use power homes and offices.

More specifically, 14 gigawatts is enough solar energy to power 2.3 million homes in the United States and is the equivalent of about 14 large natural gas or coal plants. In addition, this figure is 85% more than the amount of panels that were installed in solar farms just like ours across the United States in 2015.

The difference between what one solar rooftop system can generate (several thousand kilowatts) compared to solar farms that could generate tens or hundreds of megawatts is huge. A final advantage of solar farms over more individual rooftop panels is that we can obtain the lowest price of solar energy, thereby making it a cheaper and cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels in large parts of the United States.

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