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Residential Solar Installation

In a world where renewable energy is a buzz topic on a daily basis, solar panels are growing in popularity in Kearney, and all over North America. Solar panels create solar energy by allowing particles of light to knock electrons free from atoms, creating electricity. This electricity is considered pure energy as it comes straight from the sun! When you install a solar power system on your home, you’ll be combatting greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the need for fossil fuels.

At Interconnection Systems, Inc. we care about the planet, and are proud to be able to do our part by installing solar power systems, at competitive pricing, on homes all over Kearney!


It’s easy to go solar in Kearney! When you give us a call, we’ll start you off with a free consultation and assessment to determine the best way to install your solar power system. This will involve analyzing your home’s potential, meaning where sunlight is strongest and if there are any potential obstructions that could cause a problem when it comes to sunlight reaching your solar panels.

After your estimate, we can begin a more in-depth analysis, measuring your roof, doing a weight load analysis, and preparing for your solar installation!

At Interconnection Systems, Inc. we’re also skilled in custom design and consultation. Using all the information gathered, we’ll create a setup that will look great and function perfectly. From here, we’ll be able to begin your installation! Generally, installation will take two days, depending on the size of your home and energy needs.


No one is a fan of getting up on their roof no matter what size their house is, and at Interconnection Systems, Inc. we don’t recommend it!

However, to maintain your solar panels, you can rely on us to take care of all of your maintenance needs, at competitive rates. And best of all, we don’t even need to pay you a visit that often.

Panels should be cleaned of dirt and debris and if you can reach them with a garden hose, that’s just fine! If you want to ensure your panels are clean, give us a call at the end of every season and we’ll make sure they’re operating at their best.


Being exposed to the elements, occasional damage to your solar panels is unavoidable. You could find yourself dealing with broken glass, a cracked panel, loose solder connections, or roof damage.

While we can fix any issues with the panels themselves, it’s important to call roof repair contractors for roof damage, as that’s their area of expertise!

Renewable Energy Rewards

With competitive pricing and experienced team members, at Interconnection Systems, Inc. when Kearney homeowners want to invest in solar energy, we’re the company you can rely on for a flawless installation.

Investing in renewable energy will allow you to help the planet, and in many cases, receive a tax credit for doing so! While you pay up-front for an installation, in the long-run you’ll be saving money.

If you have questions or would like to book your first assessment, give us a call today!